Automation in KYC:
What Lies at the Core of a KYC Solution

June 15

Automation in KYC: What Lies at the  Core of a KYC Solution

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About this talk

Vlada Krivitskaya
Senior Customer Success Manager
Regula Forensics, Inc.
KYC solutions are in great demand. A vast number of businesses need them to comply with regulatory and security requirements. Additionally, in the era of fast-developing remote services, it’s vital for companies to know who their clients actually are. These conditions could easily allow KYC providers to thrive. However, growing demand comes along with urgent challenges that KYC providers have to deal with.

Limited technological features, false detections and inefficient quality of ID verification, lack of configurability and customization, to name a few. But is the situation so complicated and unchangeable? And is it only about technology when it comes to being a reliable and high-quality KYC provider?
At our webinar you will find out what the crucial elements of genuinely smart KYC are. We highlight the most vital issues that KYC providers come across these days and explore how to cope with them.

The discussion focuses on the following:

How the depth and quality of ID verification technologies impact a KYC solution and why you should pay attention to vendors’ ID template databases.
Does a vast range of features require multiple technology providers and a wide scope of various solutions?
What are the customization and scalability options in KYC software?
Time-consuming and technically complicated integrations — are they really inevitable?
Possibility to сombat fraud and detect the doctored documents — what checks are required? And how does forensic expertise* contribute to the depth of identity checks?
Usability of the solution. Poor user experience is one of the key drivers of abandonment in remote identity verification processes. What’s the best solution?
Find out how to cope with the most vital issues that KYC providers and their customers come across these days
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