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The global pandemic turned procedures upside down for Banking and Fintech companies. Customers now want access to all services, including loans and debit card issuance, both immediately and remotely.

Many players in the industry, such as fast-growing neobanks, are changing the game, while digitizing almost every interaction between customers and their business. However, the trends towards swapping in-person relationships with self-service sign-ups and chatbots are creating an environment conducive to the thriving of identity fraud.

As a result, conventional banks and financial institutions need to keep up with the competition, stay customer-centric, enhance their security, and comply with all regulations.

Join our webinar with Regula and PwC experts to discover how to kill four birds with one stone!

What You’ll Learn:

Key challenges companies in the industry encounter while setting up digital onboarding for clients and ways to respond to them
The recent statistics on emerging biometric and document fraud cases in banks and fintech companies in the EU and worldwide (2023 global survey by Regula)
The secret components of a smooth and safe onboarding flow for finance-related organizations
Best practices from financial services companies harnessing digital onboarding
Customer success stories on digitalization in Banking and Fintech from PwC and Regula experts
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Henry Patishman
Henry Patishman
Executive VP of Identity Verification Solutions at Regula
Janek Sierk
Janek Sierk
Senior Associate at PwC
Dmitry Smolyakov
Dmitry Smolyakov
Head of Mobile and Web Development at Regula

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