Regula Document Reader SDK

Smooth & seamless document verification in just a few steps

Document Verification Solutions for Digital ID Verification

Regula Document Reader SDK is an identity verification software product, suitable for integration into mobile applications as well as web-based solutions. It is designed for automatic reading and verification of personal data in passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas and other ID documents.

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Regula Document Reader SDK works cross-platform
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React
  • Xamarin
  • Cordova
  • Ionic
  • Flutter

How Does an Identity Verification Process Work?


Document scan

Using hardware reader or smartphone/web camera


Document type identification

Comparing against the largest document template database in the world


Document authenticity check

Document verification utilizing various security checks


RFID chip reading

Encoded data extraction and authenticity check


Cross comparison

Сhecking obtained ID document data for consistency


Identity verification

Approving legitimate users and flagging suspicious ones

Maximum Productivity for Digital Document Verification with Advanced Regula Functionality

Global ID coverage with full data page processing: MRZ and visual inspection zone
RFID chip: BSI TR-03105 Part 5.1., 5.2 certified technology for digital id verification
Barcode verification and format check (PDF 417, QR, Aztec, etc.)
Automatic authenticity control of static patterns and dynamic content of IDs
Document liveness check and image quality assessment in real time
30+ languages for out-of-the-box UI localizations
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Regula Document Reader SDK is designed for identity verification services that specialize in reading and digital verification of passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, and other ID documents.

What Documents Can You Verify
with Regula SDK?

Border Crossing Card
Business Travel Card
Citizenship Card
Crew Member Certificate
Diplomatic ID Card
Driver’s License
Crew Member Certificate
Diplomatic ID Card
Driver’s License
Health Insurance Card
ID Card
Immigration Card
Insurance Board Card
Immigration Card
Insurance Board Card
Lawyer Card
Marine License
Medicare Card
Personal Card
Police Card
Personal Card
Police Card
Proof of Age Card
Refugee Card
Registration Certificate
Residence Permit
Social Security Card
Residence Permit
Social Security Card
Voter Card
Work Permit

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Make sure your digital id verification processes are secure and compliant
Security and data privacy is assured: get the best possible level of security and safety of private data through our 100% on-premise SDK integration.
Integrate like a pro
Straightforward and no-hassle integration with your existing tools and processes will save your dev resources.
Speed up customer onboarding
Mitigate risks and prevent illegal activities of users seeking to exploit security weaknesses while protecting your customers’ data with built-in safety measures.
Scale your business beyond borders with truly global coverage


document templates


countries and territories


Expanding to new markets will be simpler with the largest document template database at your fingertips. The Regula database includes 11,000+ document templates from 248 countries and territories in 138 languages, and it is constantly growing.
Create a perfect document verification flow for your end users
Our SDK is made for people. We support intuitive ways for identity verification check — online and offline. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce abandonment of the onboarding process with a fast, simple, and intuitive id verification interface, designed to grow your customer base.
Enjoy Regula’s document verification expertise
Embed digital id verification technologies into everyday operations with Regula Document Reader SDK and improve your customers’ journey with a state-of-the-art OCR engine, AI, and machine learning.
Scan, verify, Know Your Customer
With Regula SDK, you can design a fully customized KYC process that responds to your business needs, ensures top-notch digital id verification, and optimizes the user experience. Regula keeps your data highly secure, as it’s handled on-premises and never gets transferred to a third party.
Convenience, efficiency, precision
Verify all kinds of identity documents on any device in seconds, reduce manual workload and margin of error, and increase ID data reading precision even with dark and blurry scans.

Document verification technologies

MRZ Reading
Barcode Reading
Credit Card Reading
RFID Reading
Visual Zone Inspection
Document Liveness Detection
Document Type Identification
Graphical Data Extraction
Automatic Authenticity Control
Automatic Image Quality Assessment
Multi-Page Processing
Compliant with
ISO 27001: 2013
ISO 9001: 2015
BSI TR-03105 Teil 5.1
BSI TR-03105 Teil 5.2
BSI TR-03105 Teil 4
ISO/IEC 19754
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 27001: 2013

Use Cases

Fintech, Banking, Crypto
Financial services. KYC verification for account opening, loan origination, money transfer
Telco. Remote SIM card activation, remote PoS (Point of Sale) automation, remote onboarding
Travel, Aviation, Hospitality
Tourism. Check-in procedure, financial transactions, health check, suspicious or inconsistent information detection
Insurance, Healthcare
Health and data. Online purchase of insurance products, fraud prevention for insurance transactions, digitized access to verified sensitive data
Security services. Accelerate processes and resolve applications faster, scan documents and fill in forms in seconds, check identity, age compliance, voter registration details
Online casinos, sports betting. Identity document scanning, reading and verification, implementation of KYC measures, reducing player abandonment rates

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What Our Clients Say

“For flagship events like MWC Barcelona, the GSMA looks for cutting-edge solutions to not only show technology at its best, but also to support their event security requirements. Regula offers an effective ID reading solution that allows GSMA to be more efficient and supports the improvement of the overall customer experience.”
Wieke Sjahrir
Head of Event Technology at GSMA
”In contrast to a previous search query by radio or phone call, which could take several minutes, the new process only takes a few seconds. The app improves the overall availability of police information and plays a significant role in maintaining domestic security. With the successful launch of the solution, it is now planned to put a total of around 10,000 smartphones into operation in the next few years. And in addition to the "BPOL Document Check" app, several regional forces are already successfully using other apps developed with Secunet supported by Regula SDK in their everyday business.”
“At Pegasus Airlines, our number one priority is to ensure our passengers have the very best customer experience. Working with Regula and their understanding of this market, coupled with their software knowledge, helps us to achieve this from the 1st step of the passenger’s journey.”
Erdinc Ugurlu
Vice President of Technology, Pegasus
“As part of the AirAsia 3.0 plan in digitizing the airline, we aim to provide a seamless travel process for our guests. The solution provided by Regula greatly complements our overall vision. Regula is always on hand to support us promptly whenever service is needed.”
Atikah Masood
AirAsia Mobile
“IATA Timatic Mobile was our first foray into utilising mobile technologies for travel document scanning. After extensive market research with many potential suppliers we chose Regula. Working with Regula enabled us to equip our mobile app with Regula Document Reader SDK to provide swift and secure document checking services to airlines, ground handling and security agents. Their superior technology and flexible approach was critical, and was the difference between success and failure.”
lan Murray Hayden
Head Airport, Passenger & Security Products at IATA
“Star Alliance member airlines will be the first to use the service in Europe. Launching in late-summer, Star Alliance’s frequent flyers can enrol permanently into the Star Alliance biometric hub. Once enrolled their biometric identity will travel with them from airport to airport and airline to airline.”
Star Alliance
“Regula’s technology offers global coverage and fast verification of government-issued identification documents. With Regula, not only have we enhanced our fraud prevention process, but we continue to offer a consistent candidate experience.”
Farzana Ashraf
CTO and Products & Services SVP at Pearson

About Us

Regula is a global developer of forensic and identity verification services and solutions. With our 30+ years of experience in id verification and forensic research and the largest library of ID document templates in the world, we create breakthrough technologies in document verification.

Our id verification hardware and software solutions allow over 1,000 organizations and 80 border controls globally to provide top-notch client id verification service without compromising safety, security or speed. Regula was named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation in 2022.

years in the industry
mln verifications per year
countries & territories supported
the largest ID Templates database in the world

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