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Organizations around the world are still struggling to tackle fraud. The social distancing brought on by the pandemic made it necessary to perform more identity proofing interactions remotely, and the need for reliable and comprehensive, yet UX-friendly identity verification solutions continues to grow. An inherent part of a business process in different industries, the identity verification process has already transformed from simple verification of a single element of an ID into a complete verification flow consisting of a chain of various checks not limited to IDs.

According to the 2022 Gartner® Buyer’s Guide, “It is evidently challenging for many organizations to compare identity proofing vendors with one another to assess efficacy.” Do you know what a fraud-resistant and user-friendly identity proofing process should comprise? Is there a complete solution available on the market?

Join our webinar and find out what a comprehensive identity verification solution should look like.

What You’ll Learn:

The key factors to keep in mind when choosing an identity proofing solution
The differences between a standard identity verification process and one with advanced, extensive security checks
What’s new in verification technologies: complete server-side RFID verification, photo replacement check, Automatic Authenticity Control, document liveness check, biometric verification, etc.
Live demo: See how Regula technologies work in real life!
Customer success story: The largest private bank in the world based in Switzerland chose Regula to innovate and secure document verification for opening bank accounts
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Kate Volskaya
Kate Volskaya
Head of Product Marketing
Regula Forensics Inc.
Andrew Terekhin
Andrew Terekhin
Product Development Manager
Regula Forensics Inc.

What Sets Regula Apart

30 years on the market
80 borders equipped with Regula
1,000+ clients
170+ countries served
100% in-house R&D

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